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"Upon a Clay
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The Clay Disciples
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"The Clay Disciples"
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Eytons' Earth
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Eytons' Earth


--Introducing -- Tecopia Essentia:
Private Stock

**Introducing a new line of masterfully prehydrated clay products**

Eytons' Earth - Private Stock


Introducing our own line of prehydrated clay products! Our Eytons' Earth, Private Stock label is just that: Eytons' Earth private stock. Each batch is uniquely formulated. Every creation represents 13 years of combining balneology and clay blending experience, direct from the founders of Eytons' Earth.

The FDA lists smectite clays such as bentonite and montmorillonite as GRAS ( generally regarded as safe ). However, our prehydrated clays are not labeled for human use, nor are they recommended for human consumption.

To explore our limited quantity hydrated clay gel products, visit our online store:

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We Specialize in wholesale and bulk sales of the finest quality therapeutic, homeostatic therapeutic calcium bentonite / montmorillonite in the United States.

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