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Micronized Zeolite
Clinoptilolite Clay Powder

Hydrated Micronized Zeolite on a Bed of Ultrafine Zeolite Powder
Hydrated Micronized Zeolite on a Bed of Ultrafine Zeolite Powder

Our micronized zeolite powder is the finest and safest zeolite on the market today. The founder of spent nearly a decade searching for the perfect zeolite to complement traditional clay therapy.

Zeolite is well known for its ability to detoxify living organisms, and is currently being studied world-wide for its ability to sorpt heavy metals and radiation from living systems.

For more information on micronized zeolite, check out the external ink(s) on our resources page.

Don't be fooled by the hype about zeolite products circling the web. Nearly all clinical results documented in scientific studies were conducted using micronized zeolite.

We understand that there are very cheap sources of non-micronized zeolite available, as well as zeolite colloids ( "liquid zeolite") available that contain hardly any zeolite (and have more of a homeopathic or oligodynamic effect, if any effect at all); we've tested every single source we've been able to find over a ten year period, and this micronzed zeolite is the only product we would consider using.

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