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World Class Therapeutic Clay

Bulk Green Desert Clay / Hydrated
Hydrated Desert Clay on top of 325 Mesh Powder / Bright Lighting to Show Sheen

Wholesale and Bulk: The Finest Green Therapeutic Clay & Clay Blends
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Welcome to! was founded by Jason R. Eaton, author of "Upon a Clay Tablet" and founder of Eytons' Earth. It was co-founded by Cano Graham (now deceased), author of "The Clay Disciples" and one time owner of the Crystal Cross Healing Clay Center.

Please enjoy browsing our website. We offer the finest traditional use therapeutic grade clays that the world has to offer, in bulk/wholesale packaging. We appreciate your business, and strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction!

Please note that we do not have retail sizes or retail packaging. We offer bulk/wholesale only. Our products are not packaged for retail use, and are not labeled for human or animal use. Please take the time to read all of the information that we link to about therapeutic grade clay. These links are available in the "resources" section of our website.

Scroll down to view each specific product details and to learn about the many fantastic products we have for sale. Ready to shop? We accept MC, Visa, Amex, and Paypal. Click here to go to our online store.

New to the world of therapeutic clays? Read our article: What are therapeutic clays used for?

We are pleased to offer one of the world's finest therapeutic clays at unprecedented wholesale prices for bulk purchase. Our green desert clay has a documented history of human use dating back over 200 years. This is our "signature" clay.

This exceedingly pristine alkaline therapeutic desert clay is classified as a calcium montmorillonite. However, due to the fact that our clay contains a small amount of natural sodium, it shares the qualities of both sodium bentonite and calcium montmorillonite. It is therefore an "all purpose healing clay".

Our bulk green calcium bentonite clay can be used for all clay therapy applications. However, don't forget to check out our special purpose exceptional blends of clays. We know clay inside and out! If you are not sure which product is right for you, email us, and we'll be glad to help. We have over 20 years of experience studying the therapeutic clays of the world.

Our clay (and clay blends) can be researched for:

  • Clay Poultices and Packs: Since our calcium montmorillonite shares some of the properties of sodium bentonite. Its water retention characteristic allow super hydration of the clay. Therefore, a clay poultice will easily remain hydrated and active for 45 minutes or longer.
  • Clay Compresses
  • Clay Cosmetics - Our clay is naturally sand and grit free, even prior to being milled; it is the perfect clay to use for cosmetics and facials without risk of skin damage due to abrasion.
  • Spa Use - Our clay is excellent for professional spa use.
  • Clay Dusting - Our grit free clay is ideal for the art of clay dusting.
  • Full Body Mud / Clay Sea Wraps - An ideal base clay for full body clay wraps using linen or seran wrap.
  • Raw Ingredients for use with Supplements
  • Clay Baths

    We are a bulk and wholesale company only. For our bulk green desert clay, minimum order quantities start at one two gallon container. Further quantity discounts are available. All orders are "made to order" so please allow up to 72 hours processing time.

  • Visit Eytons' Earth's blog for interesting tips and natural health suggestions: Tecopia Essentia ~ Earth Cures.

Individual Product Details

Green Desert Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay (Mojave Desert Clay). Our signature clay, which is a magnesium-rich, calcium bentonite/montmorillonite alkaline clay milled to 325 mesh. This is an all purpose clay. This clay is featured @ Eytons' Earth and was used at Cano Graham's Crystal Cross Healing Clay Center.

Micronized edible ultrafine zeolite clay powder - The perfect complement for traditional clay therapy.

Food Grade magnesium chloride flakes for bath & trandsdermal therapy - Make your own high quality, high potency magnesium oil, or use in a clay or sea salt bath.

USP Sodium Bentonite PowderUSP grade sodium bentonite - This clay is similiar to the clay used by V.E. Irons in his colon cleansing protocols.

Raw Illite ClayFrench Green Clay - Illite - Powder - Green illite from France... The original French therapeutic healing clay. Green Illite was used by "The Father of Clay Therapy" Raymond Dextreit in France. It's our second or third favorite clay!

Electrically Isolated "Colloidal" Silver HydrosolWholesale Colloidal Silver Hydrosol: 1 Gallon- 10 Parts per million, 85% ionic, 15% nano-particulate. Our unique electrically isolated "colloidal" silver is batch produced using state of the art electrolysis equipment. The mid-ranged and large particles in solution are then atomized using activated oxygen. The colloid is then aged, tested, then stabilized using electromagnetic energy produced by cold plasma technology. We have reduced our prices, and now only offer EIS/CS in one gallon HDPE containers.





Hydrated Clay Gel
Bulk/Wholesale hydrated Green Desert Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay. Our signature clay, prehydrated in one gallon (128 ounces of clay) HDPE plastic containers. This is made with purified, remineralized and structured water.

Three clay blend: Red desert calcium bentonite, green desert calcium bentonite, air purified sodium bentonite. We now have an option for purchasing the three clay blend with fresh water (food grade) diatomaceous earth.

Two clay blend: Red and green desert calcium bentonite. This clay blend is excellent for external poultice applications and for skin care. It includes the red desert mineral clay studied by NASA, and our signature green desert clay.

Contact us for further ordering information and discount schedules.

Don't miss the clay therapy book entitled
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The Definitive Guide to Healing with Clays

written by Eytons' Earth founder Jason R. Eaton
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